Founder, Micah Gauthier

Mental Restorations Foundation is a non-profit organization created to promote community mental health. We are dedicated to helping Veterans and First Responders find a path to better mental wellness. Our founder and board members compassionately understand the need for a healthy mental outlook. Many of us have shared the same struggles.

Our Goal is to offer adventures that not only help others on their path to a more positive mental outlook, but also benefit the community. We achieve this through involvement in community activities and by providing access to resources. Activities can include boating, fishing, hiking, sightseeing and more. In addition, we are establishing working farm communities for teaching “hands on” farming skills. It is our plan to additionally offer opportunities to learn trades like auto repair, boat maintenance, culinary skills, and more. We work to send our members home with a peace of mind, with the confidence as a respected member of the community. Feeling valued as a contributing member of a community is an essential component on the path to a more positive mental health mindset. We welcome your service to our community.

In helping others, we help ourselves.

Who Are We?

Mental Restorations is a 501 non-profit organization of compassionate volunteers and supporters dedicated to assisting military veterans, family of fallen, first responders and challenged youth in overcoming trauma and PTSD issues.

What Do We Do?

Mental Restorations organizes, promotes, and provides no-cost outdoor therapeutic activities of fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and farming to military veterans and first responders suffering from mental anguish due to PTSD and other related trauma episodes. Various studies have proven that outdoor activities reduce stress, promote mental health
and PTSD recovery.

Why We're Needed

First Responders and Veterans suffer from mental health issues and suicide at rates much higher than the general public. This is a result of being exposed to horrific issues and scenes that first responders and veterans experience while performing duties of serving their fellow citizens both here and abroad.