Our Activities


Mental restorations has access to a farm in Kauai where members learn how to set up a Community or Backyard farm and grow vegetables and fruits while enjoying our beautiful islands. Our fruit and vegetables are distributed to the needy, in and around the Islands.

Deep Sea Fishing

We offer fishing trips out of Kona and Hilo aboard one of our boats. Our target species of fish are Mahimahi, a variety of Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Swordfish and more. Weather permitting our normal trips start at sunrise and end in the afternoon. We have a lot of fun with our guests no matter what the days catch brings our way.


We are affiliated with organizations that provide Kayaks and Canoes
for our members in Hilo and Kona
on the Big Island of Hawaii.
On the island of Kauai we have some custom made canoes that we are very proud of, and we offer beautiful calm river trips and for the adventurous we ride the surf in our beautiful warm Pacific Ocean.

Beach Parties

We love social Beach Parties/BBQ's, held at various beaches, our goal is to organize several each year, we can provide Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards, as well as Snorkel Gear at your request, or you can bring your personal snorkel equipment. Guaranteed Fun!


We have friendly neighbors organizations that we can go sailing with, there are even chances to learn to sail on your own.
We love snorkeling because we can do it pretty much anytime or day
and see some pretty cool
underwater creatures.


We have aligned Mental Restorations with Dive outfits in Hilo and Kona, both sides of the island have excellent dive sites to suit every level of Diver. Several of our Members are professional Divers and want to dive with you!


Hiking on any Hawaiian island is
no less than spectacular!
So many beautiful views; waterfalls, beaches, and volcanic wonders
to explore for any level of difficulty. You are going to want to bring
your camera and some good
hiking shoes, our guides will bring
a sack lunch and hydration.

Shop work

We are always restoring something, a boat or a vehicle, a home for the needy, pretty much anything we can fix up and feel proud of the results. This is a great way to "hone" your skills, or learn some new skills that you can use wherever you call home.


There is always a need for prepared food for our events, there are always tasks to be performed in our offices, we are constantly organizing events...all of which is dependent on volunteers! If you want to have fun with us, and can cook, or answer a phone, or help us set up and tear down tables and BBQ's, we need and appreciate you.

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